Useless but loving

I like those who lie in hospital beds

thinking that they are useless
but appreciate all the small acts of kindness of friends and families
I like those who moves slowly in wheelchairs
saying excuse me, pardon me with their eyes
still enjoys the fall sunset, praising the Creator
I like those babies doing nothing but being cute
without demanding “Adore me!” but being adored
as if their job is to be loved
They are like blank space in oriental paintings
make the whole universe complete
without doing something but just being
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Peach Tree

I have a peach tree

I can see many peaches hanging there
When did it happen?
I have walked by it everyday
I did not water them
I did not even look at them carefully
When did it happen?
Must be at night
when I sleep every night
The tree must have invited all kinds of
winds, birds, sunlight, and water
Wait, sunlight at night?
Well, mysterious things happen
I do not know anything
who know? Secret sunlight may come at night
I wonder what happen under the ground
What I see is just many peaches
hanging there to serve birds, animals, and my family
They may not know my plan for Harvest
but I will harvest them anyway because they are ripe and juicy
They will be great for many occasions!
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t started as a circle of family, complete one

It is, however, still growing as a complete one

Friends and colleagues are now in the circle

Acquaintances and neighbors are keep coming to be a part of it

When the circle lies down on a flat paper

It was just getting bigger and bigger

When it stands, however, in 3D motion

This circle now becomes a channel of blessing

People can come through this circle

from the side of the unknown

to the side of the beloved

making all sides as one

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When wild fire engulfed houses and lives

I wonder why I am safe here in my house
When PG&E cut off electricity and people suffer in darkness
I could not answer why I still have this light and computer on
When husbands cry over the dead bodies of their children and wives
I weep because my wife is still sleeping like beautiful lamb
In this cold and cruel realities
Why me? Why I am still protected and cared for?
This sacred and safe space that I belong to
belongs to the One that I reside in, cling to, and melted into
O Lord, you have all the answers
Spew me out unto the land that you love so dearly
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Blue Grace

Nothing, dear

do not tell me nothing

you are just beautiful and smiling
That is enough
Stand still there
just being you is lovely
When you are ready
you can wither away and I will remember you
Breathe once more
a light touch of life
maybe that is your last one
What a wonderful inspiration!
Die young is a blessing
Growing old is also a blessing
We are all blessed
Old or young, let us not make difference
What a blue grace!
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Lord, I am not kind.

I do not know what love is.

My lips know the word kindness

My heart is like a sleeping student in a class room

Where the teacher stares at me with compassion, saying,

“Father, Forgive him. He does not know what he is doing.”

Lord, I have not sacrifice anything.

I have grabbed all the things in my hands.

When I pray, I did not open my palms toward you.

My face is turned red when I hear you, saying,

“Go and do likewise!”

Lord, now I am turning my back from you

I came to you with great questions

I heard all the wonderful stories

At the end of the day, however, I had to face you, saying,

“Sell all you have and give them to the poor. And follow me.”

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Sun, thank you for your warmth and brightness

Grass, thank you for your greenness and freshness

Breakfast, thank you for your juicy and tasty flesh and smell

Water, thank you for your clean and tongue awakening, throat satisfying walk

Coffee, thank you for your mysterious exotic aroma

Honey, thank you for your smile and sweetness,


God, thank you for your patience and faithful presence!

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