Useless but loving

I like those who lie in hospital beds

thinking that they are useless
but appreciate all the small acts of kindness of friends and families
I like those who moves slowly in wheelchairs
saying excuse me, pardon me with their eyes
still enjoys the fall sunset, praising the Creator
I like those babies doing nothing but being cute
without demanding “Adore me!” but being adored
as if their job is to be loved
They are like blank space in oriental paintings
make the whole universe complete
without doing something but just being
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Peach Tree

I have a peach tree

I can see many peaches hanging there
When did it happen?
I have walked by it everyday
I did not water them
I did not even look at them carefully
When did it happen?
Must be at night
when I sleep every night
The tree must have invited all kinds of
winds, birds, sunlight, and water
Wait, sunlight at night?
Well, mysterious things happen
I do not know anything
who know? Secret sunlight may come at night
I wonder what happen under the ground
What I see is just many peaches
hanging there to serve birds, animals, and my family
They may not know my plan for Harvest
but I will harvest them anyway because they are ripe and juicy
They will be great for many occasions!
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There are so many women in the world

I married one

Love of my life, I have chosen one

There are so many careers that lured me

I was called by One

Breath of Life,

I have followed One

There are so many poems that inspired me

I am reading one sent by my friend

Joy of my life, I ride on it.

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I hear a song that a tree sings

this summer again

the apple tree in my backyard has its music notes on every branch

the peach tree next to it has many rest symbols this year

I can see their fruits of the past and the future years

some are eaten and some are kept

by mother nature and their children

They keep coming back like a round song

I am one note, maybe a quarter note

in the symphony of my backyard

who would remember the whole music

when mother nature plays only a part of it for some of us

I love to be a part of it

when someone plays my note

I would not even notice it unless you tell me it is me

I am good only in the whole music

With my humble prayer

I want to hear the first move

and the second, maybe third

It would be someone else who can hear the finale of it

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A Day with a Walnut Tree

A Day with a Walnut Tree

You look same old same old

to those who do not know you

You are new everyday 

to those who appreciate you

Your palms are now wide open

you are giving away life to the wind

who can carry it to stars

who can sing with blinking eyes

You look quiet to those who sit under you

You tell stories, though

to those who look up to you

with all the scars and signs

Today I will sit with you

listening to all the stories that you have to tell

I will tell my stories too

so that you can tell them to the wind.

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Take a backpack of nothingness

put worries and concerns in there

take the first step of endless nomadland

Expect serendipity of universe

Say hi to the unnoticed

show your joy though your breathing

ha, ha, and ha

it takes time to laugh when you are getting older

slowly wake up to the whole

one small life to million small lives

leave no life unnoticed

it will take your lifetime to be

when it is your turn to say

just turn your face quietly

smiles on your lips

peace in your heart

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I believe

I believe that I was born with God’s love

I see the beauty of the living 

I believe that I am living

to share the love that I have received

I believe

that the days come and go

I believe, God is in control

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A man who walked on water

Lord, if it is you

call me to come over to you

Simon, come!

Jesus called him into being just beyond himself

One step into the water

He was able to walk on water

Until his eyes went sideways from Jesus

to notice a big wave

Lord help meI am sinking, dying,…

Right there then

Jesus reached out to him

That is his experience of beyond himself

Not perfect but worth trying

Almost being drowned but saved

Now remembered as one who walked on water

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From the fountain of sorrow

we drink the water of life

we grow the seed of hope

we find the connection with the source

Rivers flow from the fountain

giving life along the way

to the sea of stories

where we all can meet

Let us grieve for a while

for one of our acorns

floating on the river

travelling to the sea

where she can tell her story

where she can transform our sorrow into a song

a song we can hum together

under a oak tree

with all the acorns 

Someday will be a good time

somewhere would be a good place

somehow would be a good plan

we will gather together to sing a song or two

remembering our stories together

Sorrow would be a good title for the song of silence

A song of silence would be better than humming

Or just to be quiet

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Ruth was gleaning grains in an empty field

Ruth, the Moabite, a foreigner

Ruth, a widow, a childless woman

Ruth was gleaning grains in an empty field

There was nobody she could rely on

She was surrounded by strangers

Many young men kept eye on her

Ruth was gleaning grains in an empty field

Ruth was a three-strike-out woman people said

She was a widow, a foreigner, a childress woman

Ruth had nothing to show to the world

Ruth was gleaning grains in an empty field

Nobody knew that she would be in the genealogy of Jesus

Nobody knew that Ruth would be an ancestor of the King David

People thought that she was just a three-strike-out woman

Ruth was gleaning grains in an empty field to feed her mother in law.

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Season of Falling

Yesterday late at night, 

I heard a news about the death of a young man that I know

He was a little boy when I served a church in Illinois

His parents are respected medical doctor and a UMW volunteer

They provided everything for their three beautiful children

Then I called them who live now in New York from California 

Life happens, they said.

It was God who gave and it was God who took him away

They gave thanks to God who allowed them to enjoy 34 years with their son

In my backyard, a small plot.

I found fallen leaves, many.

Maybe we had wind last night, strong.

I did not hear sound, any.

Yard waste bags are now full

it must be a season.

Spring came and now fall is here.

My church members complain to me,

Pastor Lee, I have aches here and there

My eyes are not good, neither my ears

I am useless and helpless

I ask them, “What is the alternative?”

A young man that I knew died last night.

He was a cute little boy, smart and funny.

God gave us joy and God gives us grief

It is all God, it is all good.

It is now the season for  us to share love

and a poem.

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A drop of joy

changes the whole world into wine

The world can be just water

or worse, sewage water

But with the divine proclamation “It is good!”

it is transformed

Who am I to judgethe people

God sees as extremely good?

I am just a servant

who delivers the jars of water to the host of the feast

It must be changed on the way

Everybody feels joy now and it is good

It is even good to me

And I feel joyful also! 

A drop of joy

transformed the whole universe (or just me?)

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