You are my child and I am well pleased with you

When you asked your portion of MY possession

I loved you
When you wasted all of MY money for your flesh
I loved you
When you ate the foods that pigs ate
My heart ached.
Even before you decided to come back
I loved you still
When you came back
I was thrilled
When you said that you are not worthy of my love
My heart was broken
Do not say that you want to be treated
as one of my hired hands
Do not say that you do not deserve my love
You are my child
When I prepared a feast for you
My heart was full.
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Growing Older is a Blessing

Growing older is a blessing

like a tree in autumn

we have seen them almost all
Not as old as hills
not as weak as fallen leaves
but ready for almost everything
Growing older is a gift
we did not die young
like the Divine One on the Cross
Not as fierce as he was
Not as dramatic as his life was
but tagging along till now with our feeble souls
Growing older is an opportunity
To say Thank You to (almost) everything
To say Sorry to (almost) everybody
I am growing older
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Useless Tree

A useless tree I am

Nobody notices me
and I am happy.
Children climb up on me
Elderly people sleep under my shade
and I am contend
A useless tree I am
Wind touches my branches
Moon light shines upon my trunk
I can taste rain drops from time to time
And I am peaceful
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My persimmon tree had buds in the spring

Now I see red orange fruits all over the tree
Some birds already tasted it
Some fruits fell down before they are ripen
I know, however, many will be ready
to be served in many occasions
Once God begins the process
we end with fruits
unless we cut down the flow
Beginning is half success
the other half is in staying on
Someday, if not me
my great great…………………..great children will have it
If I have only one!
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Moccasin flowers

You are so small
But when you open your body
You can suck in the whole life of universe
You become one with the universe
That is how you can give life back to it
You do not die
Thousand years ago
Somebody praised you in the morning
This morning again, I see your beautiful body in the morning sunlight
Then I know
Your are a song and an instrument
I can sing and play you without touching
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How majestic is your power!

How majestic is your power, O God!

You created light first
with all the colors in it
and shared them in all of your creatures
How generous you are, O Lord!
You created sun, moon, and stars
Helped them to move around in this vast universe together
connected and not alone
How humorous you are, O My Master
You trusted us and entrusted all those creation to us
like infants we just play with them
forgetting all the jobs and tasks in hand, we made mess
How forgiving you are, O My Savior
you have forgiven us and is forgiving
knowing that we will not get better, we have been born with sins
You still love us and trust us
When I look around all the beautiful creation of yours
When I feel the warmth and freshness of your messangers
I praise you,
I trust you,
I confess that you are my all!
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Mother, I have seen things only my eyes see

I did not see your works
Mother, I have known things only my mind perceives
I did not understand your love
Mother, I have praised flowers, birds, even other women
I did not praise you enough
Mother, I should have known better
Now I see how small I am
Mother, blow over me
burn me
shout to me
Thrive with me
I want you to be with me all the time.
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