Useless but loving

I like those who lie in hospital beds

thinking that they are useless
but appreciate all the small acts of kindness of friends and families
I like those who moves slowly in wheelchairs
saying excuse me, pardon me with their eyes
still enjoys the fall sunset, praising the Creator
I like those babies doing nothing but being cute
without demanding “Adore me!” but being adored
as if their job is to be loved
They are like blank space in oriental paintings
make the whole universe complete
without doing something but just being
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Peach Tree

I have a peach tree

I can see many peaches hanging there
When did it happen?
I have walked by it everyday
I did not water them
I did not even look at them carefully
When did it happen?
Must be at night
when I sleep every night
The tree must have invited all kinds of
winds, birds, sunlight, and water
Wait, sunlight at night?
Well, mysterious things happen
I do not know anything
who know? Secret sunlight may come at night
I wonder what happen under the ground
What I see is just many peaches
hanging there to serve birds, animals, and my family
They may not know my plan for Harvest
but I will harvest them anyway because they are ripe and juicy
They will be great for many occasions!
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Forgotten fruits

Trees are never tired of producing 

uneaten, unmattered fruits 

They keep repeating the same old patterns

without any excuse

I feel safe and secured

when I tread upon those small

smashed fruits under my feet

feeling their scream of silence

With those small unnoticed plants

They become pride of thousands of gardens of old farmers

waiting to be named and described in a poem

Until that time

they will appear again next autumn

smashed and tread upon again

with timeless joy and hope

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One by one

families and friends passed away

as an invitation for me to come

to the still place

where we can find peace together

without racism, wild-fire, COVID-19, and turmoils in Afghanistan

We are all connected

to the One who gives and takes away

forms, sizes, colors, and tones of our bodies

Beyond all those diverse beauty

is the inner beauty

the image of God we all share

The image that we have destroyed for long long time

the image shattered by the waves and winds of the water

the image restored at the center of the Cross

When all the nails are nailed down

and the crown of thorns was put on

we will weep at the bottom of the Cross

For the sins we have committed

for the mistakes that we have made

for the indifference that we have displayed

as we scratch the doors to be open

waiting for us to be accepted

lonely and alone

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Fire and stars

Because of the smoke

my eyes are itching

my nose is stuffed

I realized that this morning smoke

was somebody’s home yesterday

someone was playing with her pet

families sat around the table

Now they all floated into my garden

to plead their innocence

to report to me that they were once alive

loved and touched

They do not just want to be called

Dixie Fire or Clear Lake Fire

someone still remember their stories

they can be stars and shine their lights

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Joy of Living

Sungho Lee

I do not own you, God!

You are the Creator

I am your creature.

I do not own you, trees

You have been here long before I am

I am a visitor of your garden

I do not own you, birds

You are fellow travelers with me

You come and go, so do we

I do not own you wind

I am a beneficiary of your travel

You freely move and I feel you now and then

I own nothing

I enjoy every life

I enjoy God!

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Wherever you go, 

you go inside of your soul

It is not a place

It is your relationship with God

Things change

according to the seasons

relationships are moving

because we are growing

What matters is love

that we have in God

all the creatures show

images of God

Wherever you go

meet God there

enjoy the encounter

that gives you life

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A passerby

People worship God

without me, a preaching pastor

People enjoy mission 

without my involvement, a supervising pastor

People share the Good News

even after my death, a pastor’s funeral

How humbling and how liberating

God is in control all the time
I am just a passerby

a staff or a rod in God’s hand

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When evening comes

When evening comes

all the golden memories of a day

shed their lights like fallen leaves

and autumn fruits appear on naked branches

Apple trees bear apples

Peach trees bear peaches

We cannot change this simple law of mother nature

We reap what we planted and worked for

When the evening comes

Cool breeze will invite us to dinner tables

with loving families waiting for us

welcoming us with smiles and stories to tell

Tears will turned into winds

all the hatred will disappear into sunset

Conflicts and greed will become candle lights for dinner tables

We will share one meal together as one family of the Father

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All that I need

A bowl of rice

a cup of soup

and Kimchi with couple side dishes

Couple clergy shirts

and couple pants

with a robe and stole

One room with a table

for reading, writing, and dining

and my wife

time for prayer

time for laughter

time for sigh for the sufferings

All that I need

to be with God

and with others

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There are so many women in the world

I married one

Love of my life, I have chosen one

There are so many careers that lured me

I was called by One

Breath of Life,

I have followed One

There are so many poems that inspired me

I am reading one sent by my friend

Joy of my life, I ride on it.

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I hear a song that a tree sings

this summer again

the apple tree in my backyard has its music notes on every branch

the peach tree next to it has many rest symbols this year

I can see their fruits of the past and the future years

some are eaten and some are kept

by mother nature and their children

They keep coming back like a round song

I am one note, maybe a quarter note

in the symphony of my backyard

who would remember the whole music

when mother nature plays only a part of it for some of us

I love to be a part of it

when someone plays my note

I would not even notice it unless you tell me it is me

I am good only in the whole music

With my humble prayer

I want to hear the first move

and the second, maybe third

It would be someone else who can hear the finale of it

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