Future Leaders!

Future Leaders!

On Firday night, 8 youth members (Jonathan Carlson, Sterling Sergey, Ben Kung, Amanda Mello, Nicole Werner, Meghan Mello, Andrew Carter, Piper Riley) and 15  adults members ( Teresa Rios, Valerie Sergey, Kiley Sergey, Ann Kung, Kim Rohrberg, Steve Rohrberg, Sean Forrey, Jenny Mello, Pastor Sungho Lee, Milton Davis, Micheal Pope, Alan Carlson, Nancy Thomas, Walnut Creek UMC Youth Director Jake Ritter, and Irving Lee) met together.

We discussed our future meeting schedule and activities. What impressed me most was the energy and enthusiasm among members. We were all full of energy coming from the trust and intimacy. We were truly a family in God and ready to build God’s Kingdom together.

At the end of our meeting I had an opportunity to bless them. I said that if someone told to the African Americans working in a cotton field as slaves that someday one of your descendents will be the president of the USA they would treat the preacher a crazy person. However, now we have one right now. I see the vision that someday one of our youth members will be the president of our country. Many of them will be leaders both of our country and of God’s Kingdom. We will produce leaders with the biblical value, view-point, and vision. We will produce leaders who live out serving and sharing lives. We will raise people who live with purpose, plan, and partners with same mind.

So, with this belief, I bless Jonathan Carlson, Sterling Sergey, Ben Kung, Amanda Mello, Nicole Werner, Meghan Mello, Andrew Carter, and Piper Riley, who just lost her grandfather and in grief. May God bless you all and give you strength, courage, and wisdom to lead people.

About biblepreacher

United Methodist Church Pastor. My wife, Hysung Hong Lee, is also a UMC pastor and my children are all grown and have their independent life. We have now empty nest. I and my wife are collecting some mission eggs now in that nest!
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