Three questions that have never been answered by the pro-North Korean pastors

Three questions that have never been answered by the pro-North Korean pastors

I have asked three basic questions that pro-North Korean pastors have never answered so far. They are the following questions:

1) Why can’t we go in and find the reality of the NK freely? Why the news media are not allowed to access to the people of the NK to make fair judgments and reports of the government? Even at the level of the China?
2) Why are there no dead civilians of the NK during the last 60 years of the divided situation while there are plenty of SK civilians who died of NK’s terrorist attacks?
3) Why are there no inside parties or groups that speak up against their own government and policy in the NK?

Unless they cannot answer these three basic questions, all their feeding of information is one-sided propaganda.

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United Methodist Church Pastor. My wife, Hysung Hong Lee, is also a UMC pastor and my children are all grown and have their independent life. We have now empty nest. I and my wife are collecting some mission eggs now in that nest!
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