To my Pantheist friends

To my Pantheist friends

God is everywhere, isn’t He?

We can feel God’s presence in and out

I am glad that you see God everywhere

God truly is immanent

In life and in history

But if God is all and all is God

Is Evil also a part of the Good and perfect God?

If God is all and all is God

Are worshippers and the worshipped one?

I and Thou Relationship is gone

Because it is just I and I

Whether I am momentarily or developmentally or hierarchically divine

I and I are one

Worship is just God’s self-love!

Should God be transcendent as well as immanent?

About biblepreacher

United Methodist Church Pastor. My wife, Hysung Hong Lee, is also a UMC pastor and my children are all grown and have their independent life. We have now empty nest. I and my wife are collecting some mission eggs now in that nest!
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