At At the Funeral Service of My Father-In-Law

At the Funeral Service of My Father-In-Law

Ash to ash, dust to dust

We cannot revive the bodies

I realized that at the funeral service of my father-in-law


The stories, however, came back to life

stories of a life well lived

His life came back to all of us again


It is better for us to create new life than to go back to the old one

Create a new life in another form, in a story form!

Then we leave stories to our beloved ones


Ash to ash, dust to dust

You are the writer and You know the ending

I am at Your pencil tip

Erase some parts and rewrite the story, I pray


My father in law passed away!

He left a good story!

About biblepreacher

United Methodist Church Pastor. My wife, Hysung Hong Lee, is also a UMC pastor and my children are all grown and have their independent life. We have now empty nest. I and my wife are collecting some mission eggs now in that nest!
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