Life is already there

in the ground
in the air
and in us
We just need to discover it
savor it
and enjoy it
it is given
We do not need to make it
oh, no, not form it
Dare not to create it
even not need to labor on it
Just breathe
sit down with me
look carefully
There you are!
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I live not in fear

When I look at the empty Cross

where my Lord was once crucified
I cannot hide my wonder and joy
he is risen and stay with us.
Now I live not in fear
but in the confidence of eternal life
I can face all challenges that life brings
And live in love and peace
All the essential workers
first respondents
heroes in harms ways
followers of Christ I praise
Now I live one day at a time
with God’s grace and love
loving others and serving neighbors
until God calls me home for rest
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El Camino Santiago

El Camino Santiago

has been in our bucket list
for my wife and me
Now when we shelter in place
we realized that we have been walking on it
Sometimes rough sometimes smooth
We have been on the road
meeting all the graceful creatures
saying farewell to well-intended departures
Now in this virtual reality
I embrace the blurred line between
life and death, real and surreal, you and me
Today I am going to walk
on the El Camino Santiago again
in my mind, using my imagination, maybe online
There I will meet the risen Lord
like Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus
and who knows what will happen?
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Easter with COVID-19

I lost my words, Lord

hearing people wailing and mourning for their loved ones

their voices are still echoing in my ears.

I love my voice, Lord

hearing silence from all the empty sanctuaries

where choirs are only remembered and not heard

I lost my mind, Lord

listening all the possible scenarios

of the turmoils and chaos we would have

My only hope is in you, Lord

you created a new world out of chaos

you gave orders to the waters

I wait for this new world

coming into being in front of my eyes

I will embrace it with your love

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Love is stronger than Virus

Love is contagious

Love is omnipresent
Love is invisible
Love is powerful
You cannot just wash love away with fear
You cannot keep love away by keeping distance
You can still deliver love through poem
You can see love through actions we (and others) take
Love, virus, and fear
these three will always be with us
Among those three, love is the best.
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Morning is here!

Dawn light feebly appear at the window

knocking faintly with sigh
Is there anyone inside?
Outside there is a feast of gods of lights
lights of rainbow colors
green grass, indigo skies, and sparkling morning stars
With all glorious invitation
corona virus patients refuse to go out
to ascend to the sky where gods live
Here those scarlet scary invisible invaders
sneak into the house threatening babies and elderly parents
robbed the mornings from innocent eyes
How long, O God
How long?
Can we sing a song of dawn again with joy?
Still the outside lover calls the fear stricken patients to come out
Fear not, the spring is here, winter is gone
This will pass by, my dear, this will pass by.
Morning, your companion is still waiting for you
Come out and walk with her! You are late! Come quickly!
Sun is smiling far over the mountain! Come!
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Faith Journey

Do not weep when you have your share of joy

Do not cry when you have your piece of pie
Time is fair and we are all chained by it
Do not regret when you made a few mistakes
Do not sigh when you cannot go back
Life is gracious and we all die with good memories
Once young now old
once bouncy now still
once sparkling now sweet
constantly changing never stopping
you are amazing and you know it
Look up the Creator
Embrace your Savior
Trust the Spirit and move on!
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In a perfect world

In a perfect world,

an east wind listens to God
even a worm obeys God’s commandments
as a leafy plants do.
Only a servant of God, Jonah
would be angry
when God saves
the whole town of Nineveh
Even in an imperfect world
an elephant prays
an ant becomes a believer
when a berry happens to fall
Only faithful Methodists
would be angry
when God saves
all humans without discrimination.
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How to breathe under death

I have lived in a body

nearby death
Always in a body
Death has been a good neighbor
I and death right across a body
We have spoken always in silence
Death comes and goes from time to time
We chat over a tea and coffee
In moonlight and in bed
One day death creeps into my body
Touches my legs and thighs
All over my body, even heart and lung
Then I learn how to breathe under death
When I see a new light
Beyond my body, an eternal One
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Happy New Year

You are God’s answers to my prayer

You are the hope of the world
You are the messengers of the Prince of Peace
You are it!
If you do not think so
Trust God, who says so
Not you, who do not think so
Because it is God who calls you, God knows better.
The one who calls you
will give you what you need
will protect you from all the evil
and will lead you to green pastures and still waters
Ah, my beloved
Let us embrace this mysterious lover
with joy and expectation
You are God’s delight!
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