Your presence

I sit in front of you

I can feel your breath
I can hear your heart beating
I can see you even when I close my eyes
I am flying into you
I am in you
I am one with you
I see now all the creation through you
How free
how joyful
how thankful
because of you I am here
Now I do not know how to live without you
I have no other ways to live except in you
I am living because of you
You live in me
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Sigh of Love


I have heard about you

but I have not seen you
still I am amazed with you
I am just thankful for the breath that I take
I have more than I deserve
I am just in love with you
I am sorry for all the lives lost
I hate to say that I do not understand you
but still I trust you
You are my all
you are my hope
I will just let you do what you need to do
I am lost in you
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A widow’s offering

When the screams come from Houston

The structure of the complicated politics, names, and pronunciations tumbled down

When words cannot rescue a baby in an incubator
Dunkirk style small boats will
Do not wait for the grand scheme to appear
or a new heaven and a new earth to descend
or the Fire of the King to roast us
As half burnt bread
we can be shared by millions
Just two coins of a widow
will be remembered
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Love Everybody

When I come down from the Holy Mountain

I pray that I should not find people dancing around golden calf

shouting, “we are not going to be replaced.”


They thought that God was dead

and I was gone

They thought that they needed other gods

who should lead them in the wilderness


I pray that I should not throw away those holy words

written in my deepest heart

I pray that I should not be blocked by God in front of the promised land

because of my anger and temper


I want to keep the Transfiguration experience

the joy of the Holy Mountain

down here with my people, my friends, and my family

worshiping only God, serving everybody


Holding tight these holy words

written in my deepest soul

I repeat, “love your enemy” “love your neighbor as yourself”

as if those are chants that I should keep all the time!

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My Peach Tree

I look at my peach tree in my backyard

I pass all the signs on the Balfour Blvd, “Peaches,” “Pick Yourself!,” “Towns Best!” and come home
to greet my one and only old peach tree
It is old, wrinkled, and has many broken branches
Still it has big, juicy, beautiful peaches
I climb up on a ladder and carefully touch them
as if I touch a new born baby, carefully and slowly one by one
When they come into my bosom
I come down the ladder with them
I thank to my old peach tree who stands still there
Who knows? She may have many aches and hurts that I do not know
But she did it again this year. She produced these new yellowish young round fist-size life
I appreciate the life producing old peach tree
I do not care for the form and the look
She has been with me there long time together
And I love her more than the pretty, juicy, new peaches!
I love the old rugged branches of her. I love her.
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Thinking Gerald Hopkins

When I see a kingfisher and dragonflies

My heart sings praises

When I hear stones falling into a well

My soul praises God

They just awake my inner castle

and make it a sanctuary of the One.


Your body is a Holy Temple,

They teach me

Your life is a gift from God

They remind me of God’s grace

Live as a letter from Christ!

They solemnly advise me


An invisible soul takes a form of a man

An inaudible song comes into a sheet music

Now I am playing my violin to show

The Face of the One in the melody.

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It is time for us to worship

It is time for us to worship

When the windmill starts  talking to me

it is time to wake up

when we understand what the wind and cloud say

it is time to worship

when we love everybody, even our enemies,

it is time for us to open the heaven’s gate

it is time to enjoy the feast

it is the time to meet the One

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