They are still alive with us!

All the saints who passed away

relive their lives in our dreams
They live in our narratives
They live in our songs
They become our songs
They appear in our poems
They disappear in our sighs
All the saints who passed away
come back to life in our churches
They live in our worships
They bless us with their presence
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Waiting for Easter

Without all of you, I am nobody.

With all of you, I am somebody.
You are the ones that make me me.
With you all, I can live one more day.
Some day I will die
Then I will become a story that you can tell
I will become a song that you can sing
I will become an image that you can picture
Now I am still working on that story
A story of a pastor who loves his ministry
A song of a father/husband who sacrifices all for the family
An image of a friend who smiles all the time
Help me to finish this story
Walk with me to compose that song
Talk to me to paint many pictures
On Easter I will meet the risen Jesus with all of you.
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Ash Wednesday

Dust to Dust

Ash to Ash
Remember that you are dust
Going back to dust
Cross on my forehead
Sinner redeemed by the blood of Christ
God’s beloved child
Hope for the reconciled community
Cross in my heart
A branch of a vine tree
connected with other branches
Cross in my feet
One line of morning poem
Cross at my wrist
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For Ruth

I am gleaning fallen grains

in a field in a foreign land
to feed a poor widow that I love
I am a poor widow myself
in a foreign land among strangers
gleaning grains of hope
Without my plan and knowing
Boaz comes along to the field
Naomi figures out the hidden plan of God
Then I met the invisible God
in my womb
where hope grows and future starts
I am just a poor widow
gleaning love in a foreign land
surrounded by foreign friends celebrating the birth of new life with me
Life is no longer Ruthless
I am no longer poor widow
I am a proud mother of a child
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In the Morning

I hear the calling without sound

In the morning light
Is it from the sun or you?
Your heart is bright
shining as your eyes
It is my joy looking into your eyes
You are not blocking my sight
I just see the world through you
even when you are gone
All the memories
and the poems that you wrote with your life
are the mountains where I greet every morning
I miss you, my love
even when you come to see me
I miss you terribly
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Carry the light

Shine it in daytime
If someone asks why
Warm them up with it
It is not for sight but for heart
When two or three gather together
Make it a bonfire
People will gather around
Find comfort in this cold winter
Build a community
Make it a vineyard
Work there
Produce the best wine for the world
I will make a toast for you!
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River runs in a heart

In your heart, runs a river
I can feel breeze at the bank
all the memories of the past
flow with water
In our heart, runs a river
I can hear the quiet sound of joy
all the hopes for the future
run with water
In God’s heart, runs a river
I can feel the beat of new life
all the dreams of God’s Kingdom
splash with laughter
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