I do know

I do know


I do not know how grass grows and gives me hope

I do not know how rainbow appears and make my heart run

I do not know how stars shine and wet my eyes

I do not know how acorns gather together and share stories

I do not know how cancers and leukemia come and steal our life

But I do know that one day, I will see a poem that make me move on.

And we will still live after death to meet again at home.

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I was busy in the morning

discussing important issues of poverty and policy

with leaders of the town

I was overwhelmed with the weight of life


I become lazy in the afternoon

I just linger around in a forest of ideas looking for a wild flower

with insects and worms

Then I found a poem from a friend


Like from a water spring in a mountain

I drank some lines

and shout,

Yes, Life!

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Remember Me

Remember me

I remember me forever

Whatever happened still has meaning


My current form is just a continuum of the past

Whether that is wrinkled skin or ash

I am still here


Now I am a story

I am a song

I am a poem

I am the memory that you have.


When the sun rises

feel me with your morning coffee

When the sun sets

remember me with your music

When you sleep

meet me in your dream


And when your time comes

let us meet there with love!

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Be A Song

Be a song

Be a song,

people can sing in despair


Be a poem

people can recite in darkness


Be a prayer

God will answer in crisis



Our life should shine together.

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When an acorn dies


When an acorn dies

we remember the touch, shape, and smell

We cry.
When an acorn dies
only long after
we will notice a towering oak tree
Who will remember the acorn
by a giant oak tree?
Who will cry for the acorn?
Under an oak tree
poets will gather and rest
sing new songs and recite new poems
Nobody will remember the acorn any more
The acorn is still breathing there
when people stop talking about her
Who would feel her then
and smile?
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At Troy

I was there at Troy

Paul decided to go to Europe, not Asia

That was what the Spirit said through a dream and vision

Then Paul went through whipping, ship wreck, imprisonment, and persecution!

His suffering bears fruits

His mission made many disciples

He did not gain many things on this side of the world

He received enough grace though

His life was not in vain

I am still standing on his foot steps

Lord, help us to find eternal life in you!

And have no fear for death!

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I meet You

At this particular moment

in this unique form

God created me


In the middle of all these chorus

without me it is not complete

I am not the center

but without me it is not whole


All the wind and fire

water and air once

go through me to be complete

I am in God and God in me


All are dancing

I am too

in the circle of dancing

I meet all of you

and we are One.

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